About Us

STANDART KALIP, takes action for providing its experiences and knowledges to mold industry.

Our product range has 150 main groups and more than 10000 types. We use automotive industry standards during manufacturing process. We work for mainly automotive industry, White goods industry and machine industry. Our subject; standard mold components which use for die molds, injection molds, fixtures, control equipments etc.

STANDART KALIP, serve with 10 white collars, 30 blue collars, totally 40 employees, in its 1500 sq.mt. closed plant

Our machinery park consist from 5 axis – 4 axis – 3 axis CNC milles, C axis CNC lathe, 3D measurement machine, grinding machine, 200 tonnes press to try out,, CNC honing, conventional milles etc.

Our quality management certificate; ISO 9001:2008, CE

The main target of the our company; In the condition of the our country, producing all die components, providing to customers in short delivery time with best price